Dumb Deranged and DangerousDumb, Deranged, and Dangerous: A Smart Guide to Combatting Dumb Arguments

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From the dumb and silly to the outright paranoid and pathological, Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous is a hard-hitting analysis of the wide variety of dumb and illogical arguments that are awash in America today. Dumb and illogical arguments are not only a measure of the low level to which public discourse has sunk, but they displace serious communication and analysis, thereby keeping us from addressing society’s most important problems.

Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous is about how to recognize, analyze, and counter an especially pernicious class of arguments that by their very nature do extreme cultural damage. This book shows how to push back against some of the most toxic aspects of American culture that prevent us as a nation from thinking clearly on the important issues of the day.


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