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Technology Run AmokTechnology Run Amok: Crisis Management for the Digital Age

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Offers insight into how we are developing and deploying technology today

The recent data controversy with Facebook highlights that the tech industry as a whole was utterly unprepared for the backlash it faced as a result of its business model of selling user data to third parties. Despite the predominant role that technology plays in all of our lives, the controversy also revealed that many tech companies are reactive, rather than proactive, in addressing crises.

This book examines society’s failure to manage technology and its resulting negative consequences. Mitroff argues that the “technological mindset” is responsible for society’s unbridled obsession with technology and unless confronted, will cause one tech crisis after another. This trans-disciplinary text, edgy in its approach, will appeal to academics, students, and practitioners through its discussion of the modern technological crisis.

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10/10 10:00 am School for Startups Radio-national 30 min taped w/Jim Beach, nationally syndicated
10/16 6:40 am WPHM-AM/Port Huron MI 10 min live w/Paul Miller, AM Talk Radio
10/16 9:00 am KCEP-FM/Las Vegas NV 25 min live w/Enterprising People, FM Urban Talk
10/22 9:10 am KGO-AM/San Francisco CA 20 min taped IN STUDIO w/Techonomics, 50,000 watt AM
10/30 8:00 am BizTalk Radio Network-national 10 min live w/Frankie Boyer, nationally syndicated
11/5 7:02 am WGTD-FM/Wisc.Public Radio affiliate 30 min taped w/Greg Berg, NPR affiliated
11/27 10:30 am KXL-AM+FM/Portland OR 10 min taped w/Steve Leader, 100,000 watt AM/FM
11/29 7:10 am KMED-AM/FM/Medford OR 15 min live w/Bill Meyer, AM/FM Talk Radio
12/6 9:30 am KFRU-AM/Columbia MO 15 min taped w/David Lile, AM Talk Radio
12/18 1:30 pm KAHI-AM&FM/Sacramento CA 30 min live w/Mary Jane-Popp, AM/FM Talk Radio

Dumb Deranged and DangerousDumb, Deranged, and Dangerous: A Smart Guide to Combatting Dumb Arguments

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From the dumb and silly to the outright paranoid and pathological, Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous is a hard-hitting analysis of the wide variety of dumb and illogical arguments that are awash in America today. Dumb and illogical arguments are not only a measure of the low level to which public discourse has sunk, but they displace serious communication and analysis, thereby keeping us from addressing society’s most important problems.

Dumb, Deranged, and Dangerous is about how to recognize, analyze, and counter an especially pernicious class of arguments that by their very nature do extreme cultural damage. This book shows how to push back against some of the most toxic aspects of American culture that prevent us as a nation from thinking clearly on the important issues of the day.


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Everybody’s Business: Reclaiming True Management Skills in Education, with Murat Alpaslan and Ellen O’Connor, Palgrave McMillan, New York, 2014.

Business Strategies for a Messy World: Tools for a Systemic World, with Vince Barabba, Palgrave McMillan, New York, 2013.

Rethinking the Education Mess: A Systems Approach to Education Reform, with Lindan Hill and C. Murat Alpaslan, Palgrave McMillan, New York, 2013.

Fables and the Art of Leadership: Applying the Wisdom of Mister Rogers to the Workplace, with Donna D. Mitroff, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2012.