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The Donald: An Incredible WWE Star

Originally published May 24th, 2016 on the Huffington Post

Everything about Donald Trump is straight out of the World Wresting Entertainment (WWE). To use his own language, he fits the bill “tremendously.”

First of all, he struts around the “ring” (uh “stage”) continually pumped up on steroids. He constantly flexes his muscles by saying how “great” and “fantastic” he is. His proclamations to make “America great again” and to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is just part of his “manliness,” along with the “size of his you-know-what!”

Second, he whips the crowd up into a constant frenzy. They and he are and must be excited all the time. They embody the energy that is a sure sign of American greatness.

Third, his ridiculous hair, general appearance, facial contortions, the endless waving of his hands, etc. are all part of his costume and act, which of course he flouts constantly.

Fourth, there are no doubts whatsoever who the real heroes versus the villains are. The differences are clear-cut for all “good, God fearing, true Americans to see.” Under no circumstances must the villains be let in, and those who are already here by nefarious means must be thrown out of the ring by any means. The villains have nobody to blame but themselves. They must be thrown to the mat and pummeled mercilessly. No wonder he leads the chants to “throw them all out!”

Fifth, racism and sexism play are major players. Thus, whites against blacks, whites against latinos, and latinos against blacks are mainstays. But so are the divas, over sexualized women in skimpy costumes who trot around endlessly displaying their big t**s and shaking their a$$*s.

Sixth, the crowd knows that it’s all an act. None of it is “true,” because “truth doesn’t matter.” It’s completely beside the point. Performance is the main draw. Indeed, everybody is “in on the secret!”

The crowd doesn’t mind any of this because the spectacle itself is immensely comforting. Predictability is the key. Trump’s unpredictability has become predictable. He’ll say anything to get and hold attention. Most important, he says the very things that others have been punished their whole lives for even thinking, let alone actually saying. PC is for Wimps and Pussies!!
He’s the biggest, baddest, meanest dude around. He can’t be bought and thereby forced to shut up. His powers are unlimited.

It’s tailor made for those who have been made powerless and useless by a world that doesn’t need or want them anymore.

It’s a match made in heaven!

What happens though if Trump actually gets elected President but cannot possibly deliver on his and the crowd’s shared fantasies? What happens when people finally see he’s a clown and not a “real phony WWE star?” What do they do after the show is closed down for failing to deliver? Who and what’s the follow-up act? Will real violence then erupt?


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